Ecologically speaking… the entire world is finally going green. Imagine how many trees would be saved if we put an end to coupon mailers? Nowadays, we practically pull a tree out of our mailboxes. It’s junk mail; we don’t ask for it; we don’t want it; it’s a waste of retailer’s money; and the process is destroying our forests!

Everyone appears to be going paperless… so why not paperless coupons? Retailers anxiously create; design; print; postmark; and bulk-mail paper coupons to millions of customers. Those coupons offer various discounts if they are presented by or before a certain date. When those coupons expire, they become worthless volumes of useless, wasted paper.

PlasticCoupon is in the process of placing a period on such time consuming; costly; and wasteful practices by creating an instant-gratification, and cost-productive way of reaching millions of shoppers, through their wallets, not their mailboxes. And while we certainly agree that coupons are somewhat effective, grasping at a one-percent average mailer return hardly seems worth the slaughter of so many of our precious trees, for such a minimal expectation.

PlasticCoupon is in the process of enrolling favorite retailers into the PlasticCoupon co-op program. Soon, these retailers will join our mission by converting their mailer coupons from paper to plastic.

In a world bursting at the seams with coupon incentives; cash back rewards and fine-print come-on’s, none offer the incentive of instant gratification, like the PlasticCoupon. And while the PlasticCoupon is a discount card and not a credit card, we are confident that the PlasticCoupon will revolutionize the way retailers reach out to, and reward their shoppers.

Our mission is to help save trees by providing shoppers with a PlasticCoupon that will never expire, and will forever remain in shopper’s wallets, not in their trash cans like unwanted, expired paper coupons. Soon, PlasticCoupon cardholders will be able to visit their favorite retailers, swipe their PlasticCoupon at the register, and receive whatever instant gratification that paper coupons were intended to offer its shoppers!

Look for our new beginnings as we progress into the New Year with high hopes, and great expectations.

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